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For tough contaminants and non-flammable usage, this Ball Styccoclean Solvent comes in a 500ml tin, capable of removing grease, oil and even some adhesives!


  • Size: 500ml
  • Type: Solvent Contaminant Remover
  • Coverage: Variable
  • Application: Dampen clean cloth with solvent and rub until clean
  • Usable With: Flooring, Carpets and Accessories
  • Features: Fast Drying | Non-Flammable | Removes Oil & Grease

Styccoclean Solvent is a fast drying, non-flammable solvent used for the removal of contaminants such as grease and oil from the back of floorcoverings and accessories prior to installation. It also assists in the removal of some adhesives from the surface of carpets and floorcoverings. Styccoclean Solvent can be used on most types of carpets and floorcoverings, covings and nosings etc made linoleum, rubber, vinyl and metal. It can also be used for cleaning tools after use.

When working with subfloors or after finishing flooring, cleaning and maintenance can improve the lifetime of your floor. Ball provide a small collection of products with this goal in mind, helping to ensure your floor lasts.

Click and read the Technical Datasheet for further details.

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