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Available from Ardex, this P51 Primer & Bonding Agent comes in a 5kg carton, a multipurpose primer with excellent coverage and a water-based solution!


  • Size: 5kg
  • Application: Dilute and Apply with Soft Broom or Brush
  • Coverage: See Technical Datasheet
  • Features: Multipurpose Use | Blue Pigment for Easy Application | Excellent Coverage

Ardex P51 is a concentrated, blue, synthetic, water-based, solvent-free multi-purpose primer with a wide range of applications which, after drying, helps to inhibit the penetration of water from subsequently applied materials.

Getting the optimum subfloor often requires a primer in order to get the best result. Thanks to the range of Ardex primers and DPMs with a variety of different key features, this makes optimising a subfloor easier and faster. With their versatile functions and quality compounds, Ardex products help to make your life easier. This product is used to prepare internal floors, walls and ceilings to receive cement-based mortars (levelling compounds, tile adhesives, screeds) as well as plaster based materials, improving adhesion as a bonding agent and retarding the wetting of the substrate by the applied materials.

Click and read the Technical Datasheet for further details.

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