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From Lecol, this Lecol 7500 synthetic filler in a 5kg Tin mixes with sanding dust to form a natural, smooth fill. Fast-drying & strong grip!


  • Size: 5kg Tin
  • Application: Mix with Sanding Dust & Apply Paste
  • Flooring Type: All Types of Unfinished Wood Flooring
  • Storage: Best Before 6 Months
  • Base: Synthetic Solution
  • Features: Fast-Drying | Low Odour | High Grab | Strong Hold

This filler is to be applied before the final sanding process is completed. Application after may result in an uneven surface. Please refer to the technical datasheet for more information.

When faced with unsightly knots or gaps, Lecol Fillers are there to save the day, with clear solutions to be mixed with regular sanding dust from the sanding process. When combined with the same dust as from the wood floor being used, it results in a smooth and beautiful look! Great for filling knots and joints to close gaps and remove unappealing flaws.

Specialising in flooring products, Lecol supply an expansive range of products for laying floors, with their fillers forming part of this great range. Designed to blend in with the natural look of wood flooring and with few flaws, they're ideal for their purpose.

Click and read the Technical Datasheet for further details.

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