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Purposed specifically for priming subfloors, the Wakol PU 280 Polyurethane Primer comes in a 5kg tub. Designed to prevent moisture & prime subfloors!


  • Size: 5kg Tub
  • Application: Short-Haired Velour/Foam Roller
  • Coverage: 35 sqm at 1 Coat
  • Flooring Type: Absorbent/Non-Absorbent Subfloors
  • Storage: Best Before 12 Months Sealed
  • Base: Polyurethane Resin
  • Features: Fast-Drying | Low Odour | High Grab | Strong Hold

The PU280 is best used on concrete screeds but can be used on many other types of subfloor. Applied once, it acts as a primer but when applied in a double or tripilicate application, it functions as a moisture barrier. Please refer to the technical datasheet for more information.

When laying flooring, subfloors can present all kinds of problems and can spoil a perfectly laid floor. With Wakol primers and DPMs, designed to remove the sorts of problems subfloors can present, it makes the job easier and faster with less fuss. Great for protecting concrete screeds or priming other subfloors - or for preventing moisture from moving through the floor.

Specialising in flooring products, Lecol supply an expansive range of products for laying floors, with their primers forming part of this great range. Designed to work with concrete screeds, they can also be used on various other subfloors to prime them and prepare them for the laying of flooring. They can even prevent moisture from entering into the floor once laid!

Click and read the Technical Datasheet for further details.

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